How do inflatable seals work? And their application

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Inflatable seals are assembled to seal the gap later being inflated. The gasket is flat shaped, with a rubber flange for facilitating installation. At the point of inflation, the flat gasket augments to the best diameter and the sides will distort into a circular shape. The gasket is formed with ridges on the upper and lower connection operation to enhance sealing volume. The gasket can be inflated by a fluid.
The inflatable seals manufactured by Western Rubbers are formulated to support a clean, time redeeming solution to hermetic sealing against, powders, granules, gases, liquids and tiny particles in the air. These seals are best useful to seal fabricated pieces of equipment.
The inflatable door seal is used in advanced applications where perfect sealing of door is required. In industries like pharmaceutical, chemical processing, nuclear power and other such industries sealing is critical. To disallow pollutants from coming to an appropriate room, engineered rubber commodity like inflatable seals find its applications. For high-pressure sealing, reinforced inflatable rubber seals are used. These inflatable seals are inflated upon door closure to seal the gap between the door and its surrounding frame. The property of rubber is such that is expands to completely cut off and isolate the entire room. Hence these moulded rubber seals are best suited for such advanced applications.

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