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Custom engineered rubber seals have a wide range of uses, from robotic systems to simple barriers. While you may be tempted to think that seals are primarily for the automotive industry, the nuclear and aerospace industries serve as prime examples of how rubber seals can have a multiple applications.
We at Western Rubbers India Pvt. Ltd. with in-house design, development and deployment team manufacture these inflatable rubber seals so that industries can focus on their core activities.
Our seals for the nuclear power industry typically consist of: Use of certified materials that have met the necessary radiation resistance testing.
Whatever your need for nuclear quality rubber seals and fabrications, contact us. Undoubtedly we can provide the answer with one of our many custom designs.
In various unit process columns like distillation column, drying column, De gasification chamber, sintering chambers, extraction column etc are very huge in size. These need to be cleaned after every batch or during shut downs to remove any dirt or accumulation of process material. Hence these have manholes in the main body where a person can enter and manually do the cleaning work.
These manholes need to be covered when the machine is in use. Hence good quality gaskets are used for these purposes to get perfect sealing. At times even inflatable seals are used to get perfect sealing if the machine is under pressure.

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