Diaphragm Replacement For Wilden® Pump

Diaphragm Replacement For Wilden® Pump

  • Diaphragm replacement parts for Wilden® Pumps are manufactured for use in the Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) pumps of Wilden®. These OEM quality parts are used as a replacement in Wilden® Pumps across the world. The unique advantage of buying from us is that we provide these parts at less than half the price of OEM part without compromise on the quality.  Due to above the factors, we have a loyal customer base across the globe.


    PTFE diaphragm pumps



    Diaphragm replacement parts and sizes:-


    Diaphragm Part Number Wilden® PumpDiaphragm Material TypePump Size
    00-1010-55Diaphragm, Teflon®/PTFE1/4"
    00-1010-58Diaphragm,Wilflex®/ TPE1/4"
    01-1010-51Diaphragm, Neoprene®1/2"
    01-1010-52Diaphragm, Buna1/2"
    01-1010-53Diaphragm, Viton®/FKM1/2"
    01-1010-55Diaphragm, Teflon®/PTFE1/2"
    01-1010-56Diaphragm, Hytrel1/2"
    01-1010-58Diaphragm, Wilflex®/TPE1/2"
    01-1060-51Diaphragm, Neoprene Backup1/2"
    02-1010-50Diaphragm, polyurethane1"
    02-1010-51Diaphragm, Neoprene®1"
    02-1010-52Diaphragm, Buna1"
    02-1010-53Diaphragm, Viton®/FKM1"
    02-1010-54Diaphragm, EPDM1"
    02-1060-54Diaphragm, EPDM backup1"
    02-1010-55Diaphragm, Teflon®/PTFE1"
    02-1040-55Diaphragm, Teflon®/PTFE , Full Flow1"
    02-1010-56Diaphragm, Saniflex®/Hytrel1"
    02-1060-56Diaphragm, Saniflex®/Hytrel backup1"
    02-1065-57Diaphragm, Backup full flow1"
    02-1010-58Diaphragm, Wilflex®/TPE1"
    02-1060-51Diaphragm, Neoprene® Backup1"
    04-1010-50Diaphragm, Polyurethane1-1/2"
    04-1010-51Diaphragm, Neoprene®1-1/2"
    04-1020-51Diaphragm, Neoprene® Ultra Flex1-1/2"
    04-1060-51Diaphragm, Neoprene® Backup1-1/2"
    04-1010-52Diaphragm, Buna1-1/2"
    04-1010-53Diaphragm, Viton®/FKM1-1/2"
    04-1010-54Diaphragm, EPDM1-1/2"
    04-1060-54Diaphragm, EPDM Backup1-1/2"
    04-1010-55Diaphragm, Teflon® /PTFE1-1/2"
    04-1010-55-42Diaphragm, Teflon®/PTFE, Bolted1-1/2"
    04-1040-55Diaphragm, Teflon®/PTFE , Full Flow1-1/2"
    04-1040-55-42Diaphragm, Teflon®/PTFE, Bolted Full Flow1-1/2"
    04-1010-56Diaphragm,Saniflex®/ Hytrel1-1/2"
    04-1060-56Diaphragm, Hytrel Backup1-1/2"
    04-1065-57Diaphragm, Back up Full Flow1-1/2"
    04-1022-57Diaphragm, easy install, FDA Wilflex® /TPE1-1/2"
    04-1010-58Diaphragm,Wilflex®/ TPE1-1/2"
    08-1010-51Diaphragm, Neoprene®2"
    08-1020-51Diaphragm, Neoprene ® Ultra Flex2"
    08-1060-51Diaphragm, Neoprene Backup2"
    08-1010-52Diaphragm, Buna2"
    08-1010-52Diaphragm, Buna Ultra Flex2"
    08-1010-53Diaphragm, Viton® Ultra Flex2"
    08-1010-53Diaphragm, Viton®/FKM Ultra Flex2"
    08-1010-54Diaphragm, EPDM2"
    08-1060-54Diaphragm, EPDM backup2"
    08-1010-55Diaphragm, Teflon®/PTFE2"
    08-1010-55-42Diaphragm, PTFE, Bolted2"
    08-1040-55Diaphragm, Teflon®/PTFE , Full Flow2"
    08-1040-55-42Diaphragm, Teflon®/PTFE, Bolted Full Flow2"
    08-1010-56Diaphragm, Saniflex®/Hytrel2"
    08-1060-56Diaphragm, Hytrel Backup2"
    08-1022-57Diaphragm, easy install, FDA Wilflex® /TPE2"
    08-1065-57Diaphragm, Full Flow Back up2"
    08-1010-58Diaphragm, Wilflex® TPE2"
    15-1010-50diaphragm, Polyurethane3"
    15-1010-51Diaphragm, Neoprene®3"
    15-1060-51Diaphragm, Neoprene Backup3"
    15-1020-51Diaphragm, Neoprene ® Ultra Flex3"
    15-1010-52Diaphragm, Buna3"
    15-1010-52Diaphragm, Buna Ultra Flex3"
    15-1010-53Diaphragm, Viton®/FKM3"
    15-1010-54Diaphragm, EPDM3"
    15-1010-55Diaphragm, PTFE3"
    15-1010-55-42Diaphragm, PTFE, Bolted3"
    15-1040-55diaphragm, Teflon®/PTFE Full Flow3"
    15-1040-55-42Diaphragm, Teflon®/PTFE, Bolted Full Flow3"
    15-1010-56Diaphragm, Saniflex® Hytrel3"
    15-1060-56Diaphragm, Hytrel Backup3"
    15-1022-57Diaphragm, easy install, FDA Wilflex® /TPE3"
    15-1065-57Diaphragm, Back up Full Flow3"
    15-1010-58Diaphragm, Wilflex® TPE3"



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