Manhole Rubber Gasket

Manhole Rubber Gasket

  • Manhole gaskets are nothing but rubber gaskets used to insulate openings or enclosures where manholes are present. In various unit process columns like distillation column, drying column, De gasification chamber, sintering chambers, extraction column etc are very huge in size. These need to be cleaned after every batch or during shut downs to remove any dirt or accumulation of process material. Hence these have manholes in the main body where a person can enter and manually do the cleaning work.


    These manholes need to be covered when the machine is in use. Hence good quality gaskets are used for these purposes to get perfect sealing. At times even inflatable seals are used to get perfect sealing if the machine is under pressure.



    Types of rubbers available for these gaskets.


    • EPDM
    • NR
    • FKM
    • FFKM
    • PTFE





    No standard sizes available. These are custom made products.

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