PTFE diaphragm part for Wilden® Pumps

PTFE diaphragm part for Wilden® Pumps

  • PTFE diaphragm part for Wilden® pump is manufactured keeping in mind the challenging application it serves.  Our diaphragm replacements have been proven to give long service life due to flex crack resistance. We use superior quality raw material ( Teflon® and TFM®) offering excellent chemical resistance to all the corrosive fluids.



    PTFE diaphragm part size chart :-


    Diaphragm Part NumberDiaphragm type Pump size
    00-1010-55Diaphragm, Teflon®/PTFE1/4"
    01-1010-55Diaphragm, Teflon®/PTFE1/2"
    02-1010-55Diaphragm, Teflon®/PTFE1"
    02-1040-55Diaphragm, Teflon®/PTFE , Full Flow1"
    04-1010-55Diaphragm, Teflon® /PTFE1-1/2"
    04-1010-55-42Diaphragm, Teflon®/PTFE, Bolted1-1/2"
    04-1040-55Diaphragm, Teflon®/PTFE , Full Flow1-1/2"
    04-1040-55-42Diaphragm, Teflon®/PTFE, Bolted Full Flow1-1/2"
    08-1010-55Diaphragm, Teflon®/PTFE2"
    08-1010-55-42Diaphragm, Teflon® PTFE, Bolted2"
    08-1040-55Diaphragm, Teflon®/PTFE , Full Flow2"
    08-1040-55-42Diaphragm, Teflon®/PTFE, Bolted Full Flow2"
    15-1010-55Diaphragm, Teflon®/ PTFE3"
    15-1010-55-42Diaphragm,Teflon®/ PTFE, Bolted3"
    15-1040-55diaphragm, Teflon®/PTFE Full Flow3"
    15-1040-55-42Diaphragm, Teflon®/PTFE, Bolted Full Flow3"



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