Vault Rubber Seal

Vault Rubber Seal

  • There are huge number and variety of Vaults available across the globe. When we notice the application of a vault or sometimes its sheer size when visiting banks , we often forget one component that makes it one of the most important part of any Vault. It is an elastomeric Vault Seal.   No metal to metal joints are ever perfect , and for that reason since the discovery of rubber or elastomer have been used wherever sealing is necessary. Vaults are no exception. All Vaults have this rubber seal which helps in locking the door of the vault. The hardness and the compression set of such seals have to be precise and long lasting cause any failure would cause the vault to fail and can be the reason for the loss of valuables. We at Western Rubbers India Pvt. Ltd. have worked with a lot of Vault manufacturers to design and perfect the technology of theses seals. We supply these seals to a lot of major players in this market.


    Elastomers used in this application


    • Natural rubber
    • Silicone rubber
    • Nitrile/ Buna N rubber
    • FKM rubber
    • Neoprene rubber
    • EPDM rubber

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